What I’m doing now (Updated 13 January 2017)

I gave up on the slow carb diet a long time ago, but am considering it again

I am contemplating a very modified Bullet Journaling, possibly within Evernote (full blown seems to be a lot of time rewriting things)

Continuing to work on calendaring

Working on 2017 goals

Refining processes in 17 Hats


What I’m doing now (Updated 19 May 2016):

Implementing 17 Hats to improve my business workflow and billing

I am 17 days into the slow carb diet

Still working on calendaring perfection

I have two goals over the next two weeks: 1) email outreach to previous clients, 2) email list building blitz


What I’m doing now (Updated 06 May 2016):

Evaluating 17 Hats to improve my business workflow and billing

I have started the slow carb diet to eat healthier, cheaper, and loose a few pounds

My exercising has slowed down from my successful January, so I am working on getting back to the gym more often

I’m back to trying to get everything on my calendar (mixed success so far, but I have not given up)


What I’m doing now (Updated 01 Mar 2016):

Today I’m questioning everything. And I’m not sure I’m getting the answers I want.


What I’m doing now (Updated 06 Jan 2016):

I actually am disappointed that I’ve not made enough progress in most of the things below. For some I have valid excuses. For others not so much. I’m going to leave things below and review them more often to make sure I’m on task for my goals. In addition to the below:

I’m thinking about a “Theme” for 2016 (to feed into my goals for the year)

I’m exercising more regularly

I’m trying to get everything on my calendar

I’m working on our personal finances

I’m approaching things with “Hell yes!” and “No, thank you.” in my mind. (again, thank you Derek Sivers)


What I’m doing now (Updated 24 Oct 2015):

I’m working with a new business coach

I’m working to expand my mastering client base

I’m editing videos for Baseline Audio as well as for my wife and her projects

I’m reviewing past client emails so that I can contact those I haven’t heard from in some time

I’m learning to use Freedcamp and trying to put a number of projects in there [1]

I’m trying out a few new apps: Docady, PackPoint, EasilyDo, and Google’s Inbox [2]

I’m also starting to practice information minimalism. I’ve deleted 20+ podcasts from my catcher, unsubscribed from 80+ feeds from my blog reader, and unsubscribed from countless mailing lists…in addition, I’m planning on how to go from ~8 email addresses down to 3 at the most (without losing close to two decades of archives)

I’m continuing to use CoachMe to keep me on my goals of no soda, no fast food, exercising three days a week, writing daily, and reading daily. [3]

Oh yeah, I’m working on populating and updating THIS site! http://www.chrisgoosman.com/

This post was inspired by Derek Sivers http://sivers.org/now

[1] I gave up on Freedcamp and went back to using Trello to manage my projects

[2] I just could not get used to Google Inbox.

[3] I was not regularly getting 3 days of exercise in, but I am now. I could not sustain a daily writing habit, but may try again in the future. I stopped reading a book daily (I still read plenty, but this habit was to help get though my backlog of books)